Research Fellow (Behavioural Science)

Date: 17 Feb 2024

Location: COLLEGE OF DESIGN & ENG, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


CEE is seeking for a Research Fellow position in the Dr Prateek Bansal's research group at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The work would be largely methodological and would address challenging questions related to mobility behaviour and the adoption of emerging technologies at an individual level and an urban scale.

At individual-level, the research would involve investigating challenges associated with the existing consumer behaviour models in psychology (e.g., underlying assumption and econometric identification), revising them to understand economic decisions based on the collected neurophysiological data (EEG and eye tracking), and develop new Bayesian estimation methods. This is a relatively emerging area of research, and thus the resulting publications are likely to make high impact to the field of behavioural science.

At an urban scale, the research would involve advancing deep generative models to simulate and forecast synthetic population and activity patterns of city.

The successful applicant is expected to pursue independent as well as collaborative research, must be willing participate in writing grant proposals and in the supervision of doctoral/postgraduate research students.


Job Requirements

The candidate should

•    Possess a PhD in Travel behaviour, Management, Economics, Statistics, Psychology or related disciplines.
•    Has good understanding of Classical and Bayesian econometric models.
•    Has strong background in developing new deep learning architectures.
•    Is proficient in programming econometric models in R, Python, or MATLAB.
•    Good written and spoken communication and able to present results individually or in groups.  
•    Open to fixed-term contract.


More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: College of Design and Engineering

Department : Civil and Environmental Engineering

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 23423