Research Fellow (Bio-Interface Design), ChBE

Date: 21 Mar 2024

Location: COLLEGE OF DESIGN & ENG, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


•    The Research Fellow will work closely with the Principal Investigator, Dr. LIN Yiliang, on the research project of bio-interface design between living systems and materials for healthcare and sustainable applications.
•    The Research Fellow will help to develop new living abiotic-biotic biohybrids, perform material characterization, and investigate the real-world applications.



Job Requirements


•    A PhD degree in a relevant area, e.g., Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering;
•    Good publication record;
•    Experience in bio-interface design, construction of abiotic-biotic hybrids, cell surface engineering, cell culture.
•    Any experience with 1) genetic engineering, 2) advanced characterization techniques, and 3) soft matter mechanics and physics, is a plus
•    This position is available from June 2024

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: College of Design and Engineering

Department : Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 24203