Research Fellow (Bio/electroreduction of CO2/CO) 1

Date: 12 Jun 2024

Location: COLLEGE OF DESIGN & ENG, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


Research Fellow (postdoc) positions in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS). 

The primary objectives of these two positions are to foster a profound design principle towards novel, cost-effective electrocatalysts and reactors for the efficient conversion of CO2/CO into liquid fuels. Furthermore, these roles will involve exploring the potential for synergizing biochemistry and electrochemistry, with the overarching goal of enhancing selectivity and efficiency in the conversion of CO2 into multi-carbon products. Extensive state-of-the-art infrastructures for materials synthesis and physical characterizations are established at the Department. 

The research fellows are required to help in guiding young students, visiting scholars, and assisting the establishment of larger research applications and facilitating initiatives with respect to sharing and developing infrastructure for electrocatalysis research within NUS.

Job Requirements


The applicants must hold a PhD (or other equivalent degrees) in chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science or other relevant related field. Experience with electrocatalysis, or similar chemistries, is considered advantageous. Experience with material characterization techniques like SEM/EDS, TEM, STEM, XRD, XAS, XPS, FTIR, and Raman will also be highly considered. Since cross disciplinary work is essential for the success of this project, it is considered positive if the candidate can demonstrate experience in similar work environments.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: College of Design and Engineering

Department : Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 22178