Research Fellow (Topological Photonic Crystals, Exciton-polaritons, quantum entangled source)

Date: 27 Mar 2024

Location: COLLEGE OF DESIGN & ENG, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

This work aims to explore the coupling mechanism between topological photonic crystals and excitons in low-dimensional materials, and to develop new types of high-performance tunable/active on-chip topological devices for entangled photon source. The main targets are threefold:


Explore the coupling mechanism between photonics and excitons: Understand in depth the exciton-polaritons in topological photonic crystals dressed with low dimensional materials. Explore the coupling mechanism between photonic states in topological photonic crystals with exciton states in low-dimensional materials to reveal the regulation phenomena of exciton-polaritons, such as backscattering-immune transmission and robust localization of exciton-polaritons. 


Develop tunable topological optical transmission devices: Investigate properties such as magneto-optical effects and electro-optical effects in low-dimensional materials to control the optical transmission phenomena in topological photonic crystals. Research methods will include but not be limited to the use of external magnetic fields, electric fields, or optical excitation to dynamically control topological edge states, thereby achieving efficient, tunable on-chip topological photonic devices.


Realize on-chip quantum photon source. 2D materials stacking and twisting will be integrate with photonic crystals to realize Bell state for polarization entangled photon source.


Considering the above research targets, the candidate should possess in-depth physical insights and interdisciplinary knowledge of photonic crystals, exciton-polaritons, topological photonics, optical microcavities, lasing, etc. Practical experience in designing, fabricating, measuring, and characterizing light transmission and localization phenomena in topological photonic crystals is preferred.


•    PhD Degree in Physics, Photonics, Electrical Engineering or relevant area with a strong background in light manipulation in topological photonic crystals. 
•    Working experience in the field of topological photonic crystal, robust light transmission, robust light localization, on-chip light source device. 
•    Mathematics and specific knowledge required in electrodynamics, band theory, photonic crystals, exciton-polaritons, topological photonics, optical microcavities and lasing. 
•    Technical proficiency: 

  • numerical modeling of topological photonic crystal and other physical systems with appropriate software; 
  • design and optimization experience such as the design of photonic crystal waveguides and cavities, the optimization of transmission and Q-factor, etc.
  • measurement and analysis involving the transmission spectra, electric field and phase distributions and band structures in various topological photonic crystals. 

•    Candidate should have strong publication records in reputed International Journals in the field of topological photonics. 
•    Open to Fixed Term Contract. 

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: College of Design and Engineering

Department : Electrical and Computer Engineering

Employee Referral Eligible: No

Job requisition ID : 24257