Research Associate, Faculty of Dentistry

Date: 22 Mar 2024

Location: DENTISTRY, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

Research Group Overview:
Our research group at Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore (NUS) laboratory is primarily focused on developing next-generation methods and multidisciplinary tools for dental and craniofacial research. In particular, we focus on combining the expertise in stem cells, tissue engineering, microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip, 3D bioprinting and non-invasive imaging for regenerative applications.


The multi-disciplinary research project focuses on developing microfluidic organ-on-a-chip models and 3D bioprinted constructs for dental applications. We are seeking a motivated and dedicated full-time, research assistant with an understanding of microfluidics, 3D culture, and 3D bioprinting process. This research will be primarily conducted at the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore (a multi-disciplinary, vibrant campus recognized for its outstanding reputation for translational research). 
Primary responsibilities include:
-    Microfluidic design and fabrication.
-    Bioink formulation, and 3D bioprinting.
-    Operate 3D bioprinters independently.
-    Manage the optimization, development and characterization of microfluidic organ-on-a-chip devices.
-    Manage the optimization, development and characterization of hydrogels, bioink formulation, 3D bioprinting, and tissue culture processes.
-    Handling of stem cells, 3D culture, biomaterials and variety of molecular assays, histological and imaging techniques.


Other responsibilities include:
-    Identify and coordinate with external vendors for resource procurement.
-    Closely interact with multi-disciplinary collaborators including clinicians, biologists, and engineers.
-    Rigorous documentation of experimental procedures and data.
-    Communicate results and data in a timely and effective manner.
-    Assist in project management and laboratory administration. 
-    Contribute to preparing manuscripts, research proposals, grant applications, and agreements.


Salary and benefits are commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidate.


  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in Dentistry, Bioengineering, or related field.
  • 1-2 years’ working experience in microfluidics, bioink fabrication, 3D printing, and/or tissue engineering will be preferred. Longer working experience is expected for Bachelor’s candidates.
  • Working experience in cell culture and handling of stem cells, molecular biology techniques will be preferred.
  • Proficiency in 3D design, AutoCAD, COMSOL, or related applications would be preferred.
  • Evidence of first-authored original research publications in the field of microfluidics, 3D bioprinting, and/or tissue engineering will be preferred.
  • Strong organisational, literature review, administrative and problem-solving skills.
  • Highly self-motivated, ability to work both as part of a team and independently with excellent presentation and communication skills (both written and verbal in English).