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Asst. Manager/ Manager / Senior Manager, Residential Student Wellbeing Officer

Date: 10-Aug-2022

Location: Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Purpose

The residential student wellbeing officer will provide support for students living in one of the on-campus residential options (i.e. halls, residential colleges, student residences). A student wellbeing officer will rotate between these two roles: (1) providing time-limited counselling, conducting assessments, and supporting crisis management / intervention; (2) case management together with facilitation of training, organizing mental wellness programmes and outreach activities with stakeholders in order to promote self-help strategies, help-seeking and community support in the student community. 

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Student Care Counseling, Assessment and Crisis Management 


•Provide counselling services to students, coaching them through challenging situations and ensuring that they receive appropriate resources
• Conduct assessments
• Participate in management of crisis, which includes duty coverage and emergency response
• Provide psychological first aid and facilitate group debrief when required
• Be knowledgeable of the Code of Student Conduct, Sexual Misconduct Policy, housing regulations, and academic integrity policies; educate students about behavior, document incidents when they arise, mentor and support affected students


2. Case Management 

• Serve as Case Manager to support students in managing and coping with academic and personal issues. Expect supportive and coaching sessions to happen after office hours.
• Serve as Case Manager to coordinate with various stakeholders in order to assist Hostels and Faculties/Schools to support students with mental health concerns or distress. 
• Serve as Case Manager to support students undergoing disciplinary and rehabilitation processes.
• Provide referral for students with serious mental health challenges 


3. Outreach 

• Plan and administer programmes to increase students’ awareness of mental wellbeing, University wellness support resources, stress coping methods, help-seeking, helping behaviours and mental health stigma.
• Collaborate with Hostels and student organisations to organise mental wellness programmes (online and face-to-face) for students.
• Produce a variety of resource materials on wellness for students.


4. Training and Facilitation 

• Plan, administer, train and facilitate wellness, mental health literacy programmes to raise students’ awareness in stress management, mental health conditions and basic helping skills. The programmes include continuous skills development for the peer student supporters. Hostel programmes and training are likely to happen at night. 
• Guide and mentor students or student groups in mental health advocacy or wellness projects.


5. Management of Peer Student Supporters (PSS) 


• Administer the recruitment, training and management of PSS or mental health advocacy groups in hostels. 
• Work closely with Hostel Masters/ Resident Fellows and PSS to facilitate peer supporting for the residents. 
• Organise regular check-in sessions with PSS to support PSS emotionally and in skills development. These sessions are likely to take place at night.


6. Participation in Working Committees and other duties as assigned. 


• Attend and participate in staff administrative meetings
• Maintain records associated with their work and meet regularly with supervisor to provide check-ins, coordinate efforts and discuss professional development 
• Seek regular training and professional development in areas related to core competencies of the position, in consultation with the supervisor and in line with strategic plan and priorities.


• A recognized Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in counselling, social work, psychology or related field.
• At least 2 years of experience in counselling or case management, preferably with youths or young adults.
• At least 2 years of experience in facilitation or training of mental health and wellness programmes.
• Able to work flexible hours from 12.30 pm to 10 pm for at least 2 to 3 days of the week to better engage hostel residents. 
• Passionate in mental health advocacy and in supporting students in distress.
• Resourceful with good organizational and planning skills.
• Able to work in a team and manage multiple priorities effectively.
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office and versatile with social media.