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Research Assistant - Department of Building (2nd position)

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Date: 16-Apr-2021

Location: Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


Two (2) research assistant positions are available in the project that research on an innovation in air-conditioning (AC) and fan systems to achieve low energy cooling at warmer indoor temperature setpoints without compromising occupant satisfaction. It involves the synergistic contribution from adaptability in AC design and operation in combination with 2 levels of fan control (at the ceiling level and at the individual level).


The project involves the design, implementation, evaluation of an adaptable cooling coil and its control, using multiple sensor information. This is envisaged to dynamically respond to a wide range of load conditions, and yet maintain an efficient energy performance and effective cooling, dehumidification and ventilation requirements.


The integration with occupant preferences is achieved via a common ceiling fan system that functions to mix the indoor air as the AC supply is envisaged to be delivered with minimum ductwork in the premises and relies on the ceiling fan to achieve requisite mixing. At the individual level, desk-based fans will be controlled to the preference on an as-preferred basis.


The second position focuses on subjects study. This involves measurements (indoor environment and occupant micro-environment), surveys (development and execution of survey), collation and analysis of data (measured and survey) using statistical and various data analytics methodologies. Personal preference models may be developed. Familiarity with field measurements, survey techniques and data analytics is advantageous.

This position require ability to work independently in their respective work scope, and in collaboration with the PI and the post-doctoral research fellow who would oversee their work



  1. Bachelor in Engineering or BSc(Project and Facilities Management) or equivalent
  2. Familiarity with field measurements, survey techniques and data analytics is advantageous.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: School of Design And Environment

Department : Building

Employee Referral Eligible: No