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Research Fellow (Biological Sciences)

Date: 05-Aug-2022

Location: Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

The successful candidate will work with A/P Mok Yu Keung, Henry on studying the interaction of dsRNA pseudoknots (PK) from dengue virus with dsRNA binding domain of mosquito proteins under a project on “Molecular mechanism of viral non-coding RNA in replication of dengue virus”.
The main responsibilities of the position include:
1.  To determine the complex structures of staufen or Loqs2 dsRBDs (single or tandem domains) with the PK dsRNAs derived from the sfRNA of DENV and ZIKV.
2. To identify differential specificities in the binding of different staufen or Loqs2 dsRBDs to PK dsRNAs derived from the sfRNA of DENV and ZIKV.

At NUS, the health and safety of our staff and students is one of our utmost priorities and COVID-vaccination supports our commitment to ensure the safety of our community and to make NUS as safe and welcoming as possible. Many of our roles require significant amount of physical interactions with student / staff / public members. Even for job roles that can be performed remotely, there will be instances where on-campus presence is required. 

With effect from 15 January 2022, based on Singapore’s legal requirements, unvaccinated workers will not be able work at the NUS premises. As such, we regret to inform that job applicants need to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated for successful employment with NUS.


•    Qualifications / Discipline:
For Research Fellow, a PhD degree in the relevant field of protein biochemistry. 

•    Skills:
Protein expression and purification, protein X-ray crystallography or NMR, RNA amplification and folding, protein-DNA/RNA interaction study using EMSA, ITC, SPR or biolayer interferometry.

•    Experience:  Relevant research experience in protein structural biology will be considered as advantage.

More Information

Location: [[Kent Ridge]]

Organization: [[National University of Singapore]]

Department : [[Department of Biological Sciences]]

Employee Referral Eligible: [[No]]

Job requisition ID : 11682