Research Fellow (Biological Sciences)

Date: 4 Dec 2023

Location: SCIENCE, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

This is one of the three open positions for Postdoctoral Fellows (Research Fellows) in the lab of Yuchen Long. The successful candidate will work on an interdisciplinary project on the biomechanical regulations in plant development. Our lab is interested in how biomechanical inputs, particularly tissue mechanics and hydraulics, contribute to the developmental processes in the plant meristematic tissues. 

The main responsibilities of the position include:
•    Designing and executing research works related to plant biomechanics, growth, and development.
•    Guiding junior members including PhD students and research assistants.


•    Qualifications / Discipline:
Candidate should hold or is going to obtain a PhD in one of the disciplines below:
•    Developmental biology, cell biology, molecular biology, or related fields.
•    Biomechanics, bioengineering, applied physics, or related fields.
•    Computational biology, theoretical biology, applied mathematics, or related fields.

•    Skills:
•    Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills and able to work well in an interdisciplinary team.
•    Highly motivated and independent.
•    Organized, dedicated and reliable.
•    Critical thinking and scientific achievement in research, exemplified by publications, conference presentations or patents.

•    Experience:  
Excellent knowledge and mastery in one or more of the skillsets below:
•    Plant development and molecular biology, including genome editing and in situ hybridization.
•    Confocal bioimaging and quantitative image analysis, including FLIM-based biosensors and super resolution imaging.
•    Biomechanics skills, including atomic force microscopy or related techniques on biological samples.
•    Computational biology skills, including machine learning.
•    Expertise in microfluidics, biosensor optimization or in vitro microtubule assays is a plus.

More Information

Location: [[Kent Ridge Campus]]

Organization: [[National University of Singapore]]

Department : [[Department of Biological Sciences]]

Employee Referral Eligible: [[No]]

Job requisition ID : 18337