Research Fellow (Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information Theory)

Date: 11 Feb 2024

Location: SCIENCE, Kent Ridge Campus, SG

Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

The research group of Assistant Professor Ho Wen Wei (Presidential Young Professor) at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, NUS, and Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT), is seeking multiple Research Fellows (Postdoctoral Scholar) to work on theoretical aspects of nonequilibrium quantum many-body physics and quantum information science.

The main responsibilities of the position include:

- Developing theoretical methods to predict and characterize nonequilibrium quantum many-body phenomena in synthetic quantum matter (cold atoms, Rydberg atoms, trapped ions,etc.), utilizing the lens of quantum information theory (e.g., entanglement, tensor networks). Specific topics include deep thermalization, measurement-induced randomness, measurement-induced entanglement phases, dynamical/driven phases of matter, quantum many-body scars etc. 

- Developing quantum information science applications like quantum simulation of complex many-body phenomena, and quantum state preparation and tomography protocols, specifically tailored for current and near-term quantum technologies etc. Analytical calculations and numerical methods will be employed to ascertain the validity and performance of the proposed applications. 

There will be opportunities to collaborate with world renowned experimental groups of cold atoms, superconducting circuits and Rydberg atoms, including those at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) in Singapore, located next door.



• Qualifications / Discipline:  PhD in Physics or closely-related field.

• Skills:  Candidates should be familiar with quantum many-body theory and quantum-information theoretic tools to analyse them, like entanglement and tensor networks etc. Previous experience with experiments involving quantum simulators is a plus, and expertise in computational methods (exact diagonalization, DMRG, Monte Carlo) is also highly desirable.

• Experience:   Candidates should expect to have a PhD at the start of appointment and have published a number of papers relevant to the field of research, in reputable journals.

Other Info

The position is for a fixed-term of two years, with possibility of renewal by one more year, contingent upon performance and availability of funding. The position comes with a competitive salary, benefits, and ample travel funds for conferences and collaborations. Applicants should submit the following materials: a cover letter with a brief description of research interests, CV with list of publications, and contact information (email address) of four referees, one of whom should be your PhD advisor.

More Information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: Faculty of Science

Department : Physics

Job requisition ID : 22432