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Laboratory Executive (Cancer Science Institute)

Date: 14-Mar-2023


Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description

A full-time Laboratory Executive in the Khong laboratory is available starting on May.1 2023. This position’s goal is to support the Principal Investigator and his team regarding research, laboratory, and administrative needs. The successful candidate will also help Assistant Prof Anthony Khong set up the new laboratory at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore. The Khong laboratory will study how biomolecular condensates are involved in cancer biology.

Duties & Responsibilities


  • To assist in building the new laboratory by purchasing and assembling new equipment, materials, and consumables
  • Ensure that the laboratory is adequately stocked with clean glassware, chemicals, and consumables for experiments
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of equipment and the laboratory
  • To assist in making buffers and media required for experiments
  • To ensure laboratory plasmids, cell lines and data are adequately stored and accessible


  • To carry out assigned Molecular Biology experiments including
  1. Plasmid cloning
  2. Genetic manipulation experiments in cells using lentiviruses or CRISPR-Cas9 system
  3. Harvest protein, RNA, or DNA from tissue, cell lines, and bacteria
  4. Measure protein or RNA level changes by Western blot, immunostaining, qRT-PCR, Northern blot, and single-molecule FISH.
  5. Monitor changes in subcellular and cellular phenotypes by fluorescent microscopy and cell death, respectively
  • To organize, preserve and present the results of the experiments in a logical manner
  • Assist in planning further experiments
  • To assist in supervising, training, and guiding new graduate and undergraduate students


  • To plan and ensure that the overall lab administrative needs of the team are met
  • To assist the Principal Investigator in tracking his grants and other sources of funding
  • Responsible for purchasing necessary equipment, chemicals, and reagents as required by the laboratory
  • Maintain a systematic and proper record of all purchases
  • Liaising between the vendors and the administrative office to ensure proper purchase requisitions, goods delivery, and prompt payment of supplies


  • University degree (biology, biomedical science, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, or related area)
  • Ability to speak and write well in English

Knowledge of:

  • Basic principles and practices in the fields of molecular and cancer biology
  • Government guidelines and regulations pertinent to laboratory safety and security
  • General rules for safe exposure and handling of chemical and biological hazards
  • IRB, OSHE & IACUC regulations
  • Appropriate computer operations, including Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, ImageJ (FIJI plugin), adobe photoshop, and illustrator

Covid-19 Message

At NUS, the health and safety of our staff and students are one of our utmost priorities, and COVID-vaccination supports our commitment to ensure the safety of our community and to make NUS as safe and welcoming as possible. Many of our roles require a significant amount of physical interactions with students/staff/public members. Even for job roles that may be performed remotely, there will be instances where on-campus presence is required.

Taking into consideration the health and well-being of our staff and students and to better protect everyone in the campus, applicants are strongly encouraged to have themselves fully COVID-19 vaccinated to secure successful employment with NUS.