Research Fellow (Ammonia Combustion)

Date: 21 Mar 2024


Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Research Fellow to join our team focused on experimental measurements of ammonia flame characteristics in gas turbine environments. The successful candidate will lead experimental efforts to investigate the combustion behavior, emissions, and performance of ammonia-based fuels in gas turbine combustion systems. This position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research in sustainable energy technologies and advance our understanding of ammonia combustion for gas turbine applications. The contract will be one-year and can be renewable.

The responsibility include:

1. Design, set up, and conduct experimental tests to characterize ammonia flame properties in gas turbine combustion environments, including flame stability, ignition, flame structure, and pollutant emissions.

2. Develop and implement innovative measurement techniques and instrumentation to capture detailed information of ammonia flames, such as laser-based diagnostics, spectroscopic analysis, and gas sampling techniques.

3. Operate and maintain experimental facilities, including gas turbine test rigs.

4. Collaborate with research team members and external partners to plan and execute experimental campaigns, coordinate testing schedules, and analyze experimental data.

5. Perform data analysis and interpretation to extract meaningful insights into ammonia flame behavior, combustion kinetics, pollutant formation mechanisms, and combustion performance.

6. Validate experimental results through comparison with numerical simulations and theoretical models, contributing to the development and validation of predictive combustion models for ammonia-based fuels.

7. Document experimental procedures, results, and findings in technical reports, conference presentations, and peer-reviewed journal publications.

8. Contribute to the development of research proposals for ongoing and future research projects.

9. Mentor and supervise graduate students and research assistants involved in experimental testing and data analysis activities.




1. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or a related field.

2. Strong background in experimental combustion research, including experience with experimental design, instrumentation, data acquisition, and data analysis techniques.

3. Expertise in combustion diagnostics and measurement techniques, such as laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF), laser absorption spectroscopy, and optical imaging.

4. Hands-on experience with experimental facilities and equipment used in gas turbine combustion research, including combustion test rigs, flame visualization systems, and gas analyzers.

5. Knowledge of ammonia combustion chemistry, thermodynamics, and pollutant formation mechanisms, as well as familiarity with ammonia-based fuel systems and gas turbine technology.

6. Proficiency in data analysis software tools such as MATLAB, Python, or LabVIEW, and experience with numerical simulation software packages such as ANSYS Fluent or CFD-ACE+ is desirable.

7. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to convey complex technical concepts effectively to diverse audiences.

8. Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities in a dynamic research environment.

9. Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a multidisciplinary research team, with a proactive and results-driven approach to research.

10. Commitment to maintaining a safe laboratory environment and adherence to laboratory protocols and safety procedures.

More Information


Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: Centre for Hydrogen Innovations


Please contact Dr Huangwei Zhang ( should you have any question.