Research Fellow (Atmospheric Chemistry/Physics/Aerosol & Air Quality Sciences)

Date: 22 Apr 2024


Company: National University of Singapore

Job Description


The Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP), in collaboration with NUS Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) seeks to further evaluate, enhance and incorporate advanced atmospheric chemical transport models (WRF-Chem), suited to the tropical environment. Our vision is to further enhance our knowledge of the role of VOC’s and other major  precursors and associated emissions sources and origins (domestic vs. cross-border contribution) forming and affecting concentrations of secondary inorganic aerosols (SIAs), secondary organic aerosols (SOAs) and ozone (O3) in Singapore. Modifications and additions to existing chemical mechanisms build-in into the WRF-Chem modelling system is foreseen as the principal task in this work. Updating local and regional anthropogenic and regional fire emission datasets as well and its application to the modelling of transport and evolution of aerosols and other chemical species across the South-East Asia region are part of the project goals. Advanced HPC computing resources are available at CRISP, NUS and the National Super-computing Centre.



 One or more of (but not limited to) the following:


·  Experience in the development of numerical schemes to represent the physics and chemistry of aerosol processes in large-scale atmospheric models like WRF-Chem and/or CMAQ or similar models is required.


·   Excellent working knowledge of atmospheric chemistry, and the physics of the lower troposphere. Additional working experience with Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM), PyCHAM, SSH-Aerosol or other related chemical box models will be a distinctive advantage.


·   Fluency in Fortran 77/90 including writing, debugging, and optimizing code in a UNIX/Linux environment. Familiarity with Python/IDL/MatLab and the message passing interface (MPI) on distributed memory machines would be a plus.


·   Experiences of managing, coordinating and achieving project deliverables, including planning, conducting & coordinating experiments, data analyses, progress reporting & presentation, reporting writing, etc.


·   Fast learner capable of conducting independent research and proficient in rigorous literature search, review & summary.


·   Productive in quality scientific research publications.


·   Proven rounded and effective team player with strong initiative and able to take ownership of the research project.

More Information


Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: NUS Environmental Research Institute